Give The Gift Of Safety

What better gift to give a groomer than the gift of safety?While many spouses and significant others can also call themselves “Groomers Helper,” the Professional Set is that extra set of hands that every groomer needs to groom smarter and not harder. It is now being used by the top professionals in the industry and taught in the top schools. Can you imagine not having to struggle anymore?

I often ask groomers why dogs do not want to be groomed. They reply that the dog doesn’t want to be there, or that the dog is remembering a bad experience, or that the dog just doesn’t like being groomed. That said, I tell them the real reason is that dogs struggle at home with their owners and win, so they think it is normal behavior. By the same token, groomers struggle and wrestle with dogs because they think it is the normal way to groom!

But can you imagine an artist hanging a canvas from a rope and spin it to try and paint it? And would a woodworker roll a log down a hill to try and carve it? Of course not! But groomers chase dogs around a grooming table with razor sharp scissors and clippers without thinking twice. In that respect, the Groomers Helper is the easel that holds your pet canvas and it allows you to unleash your grooming art!