There Is Nothing To Fear

One of the biggest problems facing new groomers is FEAR. Whether they fear injuring the dog they are working with or fear of being hurt themselves, confidence in the grooming salon is very important. Perhaps you have seen the handlers at Westminster and other dog shows chewing gum or sucking on a mint. They do this to cover the smell of fear and nervousness they are feeling in the ring. Because we all know that dogs can smell fear from a mile away.

Let’s face it – everyone has some fear and nervousness in their life. Perhaps it is the fear of working with a new client or the nervousness of grooming a nasty dog.

Bu a lot of fear will go away with time, as confidence levels build and grooming skills are honed.

Instinct also plays a part in overcoming fear. How many times have you heard a groomer say, “I just had a feeling about that dog! I knew it was going to try and bite me.” People can’t see into the future, but they had a feeling about something and they were right. Trusting your instincts will go a long way to relieving your fears.

Another weapon in the fight against fear are the tools that you use. Knowing that you have quality clippers and scissors that will help you get the job done will be a big boost to your confidence. And having a Groomers Helper on your table will help, too.

When the dog’s bite radius is reduced, your confidence level goes up. Knowing that a dog can’t spin around and bite you when you are working on its back nails is a real confidence booster. And knowing the dog can no longer walk off the table, back off the table, or hang itself will give you peace of mind that the dog can smell and will submit to.

Right now, I am offering free gifts with the purchase of select items in the Groomers Helper line. Give the gift of confidence this Christmas and receive some great free gifts to boot. In addition to the free gifts, I am offering free shipping, too.

And remember – you can always walk away from the grooming table to regroup if you are dealing with a particularly nasty dog. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to drawing the line and will try to power through difficult grooms. This only serves to increase tension and is a formula for disaster.

The greatest skill a professional groomers can possess is knowing when to stop.

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