On the subject of cats.

I am always amazed by the amount of groomers who refuse to do cats? And while I understand that it takes a certain kind of ‘cat’ person to really have a passion for it, there is a lot of money to be made grooming cats. And while some groomers specialize in feline styling, all groomers can benefit from working with cats.

The majority of groomers I speak with are not at all enthusiastic about working with cats. They say they are too unpredictable and downright frightening. In my opinion, nine out of ten cats are afraid of their own shadow. But it is that one devil cat from down below that keeps nine out of ten groomers from working with cats. And yet, cat grooming is an incredibly profitable part of the business.

There are many cat grooming experts in the industry, as well as, cat grooming organizations that promote the safe grooming of felines and offer tips and tricks for stylists who want to offer cat grooming in their salon. Many successful salons now offer a ‘cats only’ day which helps to keep the cats calmer since they are not mixed in with canines. (Ever hear the phrase ‘fighting like cats and dogs?’) You can find a ton of information online about the proper way to groom a cat.

Cat Facts

But what many groomers don’t know is they already have an incredible tool for cat grooming available to them. The Groomers Helper Professional Set is the answer! I have demonstrated this to thousands of groomers who now have the ability to groom cats with ease and safety.

Using the Professional Set with a cat is different from using it with a dog. First of all, the grooming loop is placed around the cats shoulders at table level, rather than around the neck and connected to the grooming arm. By placing the mini-arm with hook at table level, and lowering the Groomers Helper to table level on the grooming arm, a groomer is able to place the loop on the table, open it and secure it around the cat’s shoulders. It is quite effective and an amazingly simple way to safely hold a cat in position while grooming.

You can watch the Groomers Helper training video online to see this set up in action. Just CLICK HERE to begin. The demo for using Groomers Helper with cats starts at nine minute mark.

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So please consider cat grooming as an excellent way to boost your profits in 2012. If you don’t already offer this service, now is a great time to start and Groomers Helper is a great tool for success. CLICK HERE TO SHOP ONLINE